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kinexchange faq

  1. present your passport to staff
  2. give your money to staff for checking
  3. waiting process after recieve please check your money before leave.

How to calculate

kinexchange faq

the rate that shows on board is in Thai baht currency therefore rate mean how much Thai bath use for 1 unit of that currency you are looking for EG.
USD 100 32.08 // 32.15

mean we will buy your USD 100 note for 32.08 baht per 1 dollar so 100 x 32.08 = 3208 baht mean we will sell your USD 100 note for 32.15 baht per 1 dollar so 100 x 32.15 = 3215 baht so easy way is remember mutiple for other currency with rate. divide for Thai currency with rate.

How to define real and fake money

kinexchange faqkinexchange faqkinexchange faq

It's quite hard to explain all in here. because faker has many way to do also we just have roughly way to check your money

  1. suface - In banknote the surface will no smooth as you see it . the line in drawing has little difference level. you can feel it by use your nail slide though that line
  2. water mark - you can see it though a light
  3. foil - dimension in foil
  4. magnet mark - reflect with blacklight
  5. pattern in seethough glass - such as Australia banknote

  6. check this site - how to check Thai bank note from Bank of ThailandGo to Site
    check this site - how to check China bank noteGo to Site

Why us ?

  1. basically our rate is better than commercial bank since we are specialist in exchange money only.
  2. kin-exchange has right and proof from Bank of Thailand . you can check our licence no. MC225570084
  3. Kin-exchange has register with Department of Business Development of Thailand . you also can check our number
  4. Kin-exchange has own system. kin-exchange use programmer make specific program to use in our business also you can check our rate online with mostly zero to non delay rate with front shop!
  5. our bill will show all detail split each bank note . you can clearly see every currency value.
  6. Now Kin-exchange is sub branch of Kin-Exchange so with co-operation we can help you to get money in Bangkok and HatYai

Kin-exchange with other exchange shop

mostly exchange shop in HatYai do not has Licence no. or proof from Bank of Thailand . you has risk to make laundry money exchange and with no use of tools , you might get fake money easier than us.
we use IR detect and UV checking with experienced staff work in money field more than 5 year. As you can see in HatYai still use old system phone call but Kin-exchange use phone and IT help your life easier and connect with your, we have website , phone , application for smart phone.

Why lot of people exchange USD to Korea ? is that good idea?

Kin-exchange suggests you to change to KRW (korea won) because

  1. KRW is mainly use in korea you can use in every shop in korea.
  2. lose of changing , you have to change USD to KRW again to use it.

we understand that USD is middle currency but since you are directly go to Korea , we suggest change to KRW. some people know that some shop are recieve USD so in sometime when USD's rate is go down may worth to change to USD to Korea. ^_^

How about if I will go to Myanmar ?

in Myanmar they use MMK (Myanmar Kyat) , USD (United Stated Dollars) ,And THB (Thailand Baht) - some area

Mostly Kin-exchange suggests our customer to take USD to go to Myanmar since MMK is quite hard to find also Myanmar will not take MMK from foreigner therefore USD is your first choice (right now we are not trade MMK in our shop but in future if we begin trade MMK we will annouce it later)
if you are going to Myanmar please tell us first since Myanmar is not take folded banknote , stamped banknote. we will fine most newly banknote for you (this service has little charge).

Application in smart phone ?

Fake money of China Yuan !!

kinexchange faq

From our experience , China bank note (yuan) is most found fake note. so after we decided is real note we will stamp mark in the banknote (see picture from where the mark is)

Big note holder in Japan

kinexchange faq

many customer like to take small value note to travel so they will not get complain from grocer. But in Japan where the auto machine is all around their country you can split your big value note in it!! so convenience !!